Like many other teenagers, Imyn felt overwhelmed. She was drowning in schoolwork and was devastated when a few of her beloved family members passed away. During her junior year of high school, this emotional weight became too much for Imyn to bear, and her family knew that they needed to get her help.


A safe space for getting better

Imyn’s family decided it was in her best interest to enter an inpatient behavioral program. It was there that she received the care that allowed her to deal with her depression and mood disorders through medication and therapy.

A resource for life

Years later, Imyn found herself lapsing back into depression during college. She knew she needed to get help again and went to the Behavioral Health Unit at Corewell Health in Southwest Michigan. Working with her doctors there, she developed a deeper understanding of her depression.


One of the key things she learned was that she had a hormonal imbalance which was contributing to many of her health challenges. This helped her to reframe how she viewed her illness, with a new perspective that caring for her mental health meant caring for her physical health as well.

Equipped with this understanding, Imyn learned how to minimize her symptoms of depression and anxiety by taking care of her mind and her body. She is careful about what she eats and drinks, seeks out things like music and journaling that make her feel good, and knows what to do to get the rest and clarity she needs to move forward.


Over the years, Imyn continued to apply these tools, adding to them. Knowing the importance of exercise, Imyn took up Taekwondo, enjoying lessons with her son and feeling stronger every day. To feel centered and focused, Imyn works with Corewell Health’s Center for Better Health in Southwest Michigan as an ongoing resource. Her therapist has helped her to learn to advocate for herself, and Imyn feels especially equipped to do so, celebrating both her uniqueness and her life.

Better health. Better life.

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