Welcome to Corewell Health
Welcome to Corewell Health
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Where your wellness is at the core of everything we do

We've brought together two of Michigan’s most respected health systems to pursue better health for people throughout our state and beyond. When you are healthier, you’re able to live better. We are here to make that happen.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about the name change to Corewell Health.

Is my current doctor a part of Corewell Health or will I need to find a new one?
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If your provider is part of Corewell Health East (formerly Beaumont Health), Corewell Health South (formerly Spectrum Health Lakeland) or Corewell Health West (formerly Spectrum Health), your doctor will be part of Corewell Health. Any appointments you have will still stay the same and phone numbers/locations will stay the same. In other words, you will not experience any changes to your provider, services or care.

Will I go to the same location or is Corewell Health care offered in different locations?
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It may take a while for all signage to change to Corewell Health, but our offices, practices and hospital locations will remain the same. This is also true for our phone numbers.

Will this name change affect my insurance coverage or Medicare benefits?
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Your current coverage or Medicare benefits will not change because of the Corewell Health name change. You do not need to notify your insurance or Medicare about the name change.

Will this name change affect how I am billed? What about outstanding current bills, payments or refunds?
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Bills, payments and insurance coverage will not change with the Corewell Health name change. If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact:

248.577.9205: Corewell Health East (formerly Beaumont Health)

800.525.3526: Corewell Health South (formerly Spectrum Health Lakeland)

833.261.4563: Corewell Health West (formerly Spectrum Health)

Will there be any changes to my MyChart account?
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Not at this time. You will be able to access your MyChart account in the same way that you usually do. There may be some changes over the next year, but you will be notified before they happen.