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What can we do together?

Can we beat the unbeatable?
Can we reach our health goals?
And accomplish more along the way?
Can we live healthier, fuller, happier lives?

With Corewell Health, we can™.

How can we use genetics to help fight cancer?

Drs. Dekhne and Zakalik discuss the latest cancer treatment therapies. “These are the stories we see every day in what we do, which is why it makes it so gratifying for us to come to work.”

Learn more about our Cancer Genetics Program in West Michigan and Southeast Michigan.

When it comes to health, we want to achieve something better.

From discovering new ways to treat troubling conditions to prevention of diseases before they start, we believe progress should never stop. It’s why we’ve brought two of Michigan’s most respected health systems together to solve for what’s next. It’s why we push ourselves every day to ask — in making health our better, what more can we do?


Lacey can play ball.

“When the doctor’s found a tumor the size of a softball, it was a pretty scary day. But they found we could target the tumor’s exact mutation with a tiny pill.”


The tumor is just melting away.

“The tumor dramatically decreased, and she could carry on life as normal. She even kept playing softball. Now she is growing and thriving, which is amazing.”

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