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Learn about the renewal process and find what you need to stay connected to health insurance coverage. Our financial counselors are here to help.

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  • Complete the renewal process
  • Get connected to health insurance coverage

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Medicaid is a federal and state health insurance program that you may qualify for based on your income, family size and age. Every year your state will work with you to see if you still qualify for Medicaid benefits. This process is called Medicaid renewal, or sometimes called Medicaid redetermination or recertification.

Here’s what you need to know

If you or your family get Medicaid benefits, including Healthy Michigan Plan and MIChild, you may need to renew your coverage every year. Eligibility renewals have restarted now that the public health emergency has ended. You rely on your health insurance coverage to pay for doctor visits, emergencies and medications for you and your family. Act now to avoid losing coverage. Here are some important things to know.

Here’s what you can do now to prepare for Medicaid renewal.

Update your contact information
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Make sure Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has your current mailing address, phone number, email and other contact information so they can contact you about your Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan or MIChild coverage.

The best way to update your contact information is online.

  • Log in to your MI Bridges account:
    • Make sure to report changes in both the profile section and the “Report Changes” area.
    • Do not create an account if you already have one.
  • If you do not have a MI Bridge account:
    • Go to MI Bridge
    • Select “Register” and follow the steps to fill out your information.

You can also contact your local MDHHS office to make changes.

Check your mail
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Michigan Department of Health and Human Services will mail you a letter about your Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan or MIChild health insurance coverage. This letter will also let you know if you need to complete a renewal packet to see if you still qualify.

The letter will look like this:

Medicaid sample letter

Depending on how you chose to receive communication from MDHHS, you may get a text message letting you know you have a letter ready for review.

To get text messages or emails about your eligibility:

  • Go to MIBridges
  • Log into your account
  • In your MI Bridges account settings, choose to get electronic updates. You will be notified when you have a new letter in MI Bridges.
Complete your renewal packet (if you get one)
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To keep your Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan or MIChild health insurance coverage, you may need to complete a renewal packet. If you do, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services will mail one to you.

If you get a renewal packet, be sure to fill it out, sign the forms and return them by the due date with any proof of income, assets or expenses required. You have about 60 days to respond once you get the renewal packet. If you get a Verification Checklist (Form 1010) in your packet, you have about 10 days to fill it out and send it back.

You may need to provide the following documentation (send copies not originals):

  • Proof of age (birth certificate or driver’s license)
  • Proof of all sources of income (pay stub, tax return, Social Security, Veteran’s benefits, retirement accounts and any other income)
  • Proof of assets and other resources. Include copies of bank statements.
  • Proof of citizenship or immigration status.
  • Proof of your disability.
  • Proof of other insurance. Include copy of ID card(s) or red, white and blue Medicare card.

You may not receive a renewal packet if MDHHS has enough current information to complete an automatic or passive renewal. Watch your mail for a Health Care Coverage notice indicating that your Medicaid coverage will continue.

You can expedite completing the renewal packet by:

Financial counselors are available to assist in connecting you with coverage.

Online support

If you no longer qualify for Medicaid, you still have options.

Nothing is more important than your health. If you lose health insurance coverage through Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan or MIChild, you can re-apply at any time. There’s no limit to the number of times you can apply. Your work may offer health insurance or you can buy an affordable plan through the Marketplace®. Our financial counselors can help you apply for Medicaid or connect to affordable health insurance plans.

Health insurance coverage at work
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You may be able to get health insurance coverage at work. This is called “employer-provided coverage.”

You may be eligible for a “special enrollment period” or SEP. This means you can enroll in coverage at work outside of the annual open enrollment period. If you are eligible for health insurance through your work, you have 60 days to enroll after the date you lose Medicaid coverage.

Health Insurance Marketplace®
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The annual Health Insurance Marketplace® open enrollment period is November 1 to January 15.

You can buy an affordable health insurance plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace—sometimes called the Marketplace or Exchange. The Marketplace provides coverage options for people who are not able to get coverage through work or who are not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare. Most people qualify for savings or a subsidy to help lower the cost. Health insurance plans cover doctor visits, prescription drugs, emergency care and more.

Losing Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan or MIChild coverage is a “qualifying life event” which allows you to enroll in a Marketplace plan outside of the open enrollment period. This is called a “special enrollment period”. You must select and enroll in a plan within 60 days of notification of the loss of benefits.

Get details about Marketplace coverage
Call: 800.318.2596

Financial counselors are available to assist in connecting you with coverage.

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Medicare is a health insurance for people 65 and older or some qualifying conditions. You may be able to sign up for Medicare or change your current Medicare coverage. If you qualify, you have a limited time to sign up or make changes.

If you qualify for Medicare now, but didn’t sign up for it when you first became eligible, you have a limited time called “special enrollment period,” or SEP, to sign up without paying the late enrollment penalty. Your special enrollment period starts the day you were notified your Medicaid coverage is ending. You have six months after your Medicaid coverage ends to sign up.

If you have both Medicare and Medicaid and you lose Medicaid, you can join a Medicare Advantage Plan with drug coverage or Medicare drug plan if you don’t already have one. You can also change your current Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare drug plan.

You have three months from the date of notification that your Medicaid is ending to join a plan or make a change.

Call: 800-MEDICARE (800.633.4227)

Protect yourself from fraud
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Please be aware of Medicaid renewal scams. If you receive a phone call, text message or email threatening legal action or asking you to pay for Medicaid renewal, do not respond or send payment. This is a possible fraud attempt and you should contact your state Medicaid office. Corewell Health and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services will not threaten legal action or ask for payment when renewing your Medicaid coverage.