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Your family history can tell you a lot

Hereditary conditions within your family can raise questions about your own health, or that of your loved ones. That’s why we provide genetic counseling and testing services. Together, we’ll work to help you understand your genetic makeup, then provide clarity and valuable information, so you can make proactive and informed decisions for a healthier, better future.

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Areas and conditions we test


Determine if cardiac conditions run in your family and their potential impact on your health.


Explore the underlying genetic cause of your cancer or your predisposition to specific types of cancer to make informed health decisions.

Neonatal and newborn screening

Identify genetic factors related to medical concerns, birth differences (congenital disorders) and other conditions.

General pediatric

Receive expert genetic guidance and testing to uncover hereditary conditions and rare diseases affecting your child.

Pediatric biochemical and metabolic disorders

Receive diagnosis, treatment and care for children with known or suspected inherited metabolic disorders (also called inborn errors of metabolism).


Investigate inherited conditions in adults, including neurological and cardiac disorders, rare diseases and more.


Get an informative prenatal counseling screening and diagnostic tests, supporting informed decisions about your unborn baby's genetic makeup.

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Understanding the process

Many people are led to us by a referral, usually prompted by a significant life event like a complicated pregnancy, a known family history of a specific condition or a health diagnosis of some kind.  
We begin by evaluating your medical and family histories, and in some cases may perform a physical exam. This process may involve gathering information weeks before your visit in order to construct a family tree.

Performing the right tests for you

After gathering information, we will discuss the different genetic tests that may be right for you. Beyond individual considerations, we also assess potential risks to other family members, offering support and resources. We remain by your side and ready to meet and walk you through the findings as well as your feelings.

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Connect with a genetics doctor

Take the first step to understanding your genetic makeup.

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Ways to finance your care

Nothing should stand in the way of better health. Reach out to our finance team to see what options are available to you.