Continuing Care

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Personalized health care, wherever you call home

Whether you need rehabilitation, home health care, skilled nursing, long-term care or one of our other specialized services, we’re here for you. We provide specialized care that is typically needed after an initial hospital stay, surgery or long-term illness. In addition to medical care, we also offer support to patients and families through counseling, guidance and therapy. These services can be an invaluable resource for hope, care and support.

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation (Sub-Acute Rehabilitation)
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Also known as sub-acute rehabilitation, this goal-oriented treatment is provided to those after surgery, serious injury or illness. Sub-Acute Rehabilitation is time-limited with the goal of improving function and sending you home.

Long-Term Care
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Includes a variety of services – both medical and personal care – for individuals unable to live independently and requiring 24-hour care in a supervised setting. Corewell Health provides long-term care in two types of facility settings:

  • Nursing homes-residential facilities for individuals who require around-the clock medical care and assistance with activities of daily living.
  • Assisted living facilities-residential facilities for individuals who need some assistance with activities of daily living (typically requiring less medical management and assistance than individuals who reside in nursing homes).
Senior Care Community – Independent Living
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Independent Living facilities are housing communities designed for older adults who can live independently, but may desire convenient amenities, social activities and services such as housekeeping or transportation. Residents in independent living do not require assistance with daily tasks or medical care, but they may have access to on-site amenities that support their lifestyle and well-being.

Independent living options are based on a monthly rental fee or a life lease financial model. Corewell Health Senior Services offers a life lease model where residents are able to comfortably age in place, with a full continuum of care all on the same campus.

Personal Assistant Services (Private Duty Care)
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Personalized, one-on-one care services provided to individuals in their own homes. Examples of private duty services include assistance with activities of daily living, companionship, household chores, meal preparation and medication management.

Hospice Care
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When a cure is no longer the focus, hospice care addresses physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs to improve quality of life.

Palliative Care
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Palliative care helps you or a loved one live more comfortably during a serious illness and enjoy improved quality of life at any stage during the disease process.

Corewell Health at home
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Corewell Health at home cares for the community where they are most comfortable by providing:

  • Home-based primary care.
  • Hospice care at home.
  • Certified home health:
    • Billable to insurance.
    • Intermittent care (not continuous/not everyday) with average time on service 45 days.
    • Services included: nursing, physical / occupational / speech therapy, social work, dietician, health aides, remote monitoring.
  • Specialized care:
    • Home infusion.
    • In home medication reviews.
    • In home safety evaluations.
    • Long term rehabilitation needs.
    • Auto injury.
  • Advanced care at home:
    • Hospital at home.
    • Transition to home.
    • Home palliative care.
  • Remote patient monitoring.

Connect With a Specialist.

Finding a doctor is the first step to treatment. 

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Ways to Finance Your Care.

Nothing should stand in the way of better health. Reach out to our finance team to see what options are available to you.